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  • All Season Anytime

    All Season Anytime Scent will attract more than just bucks.It will bring in the Big Does as well.  We like to call this scent “Triple Threat ” due to the fact it has  “deer urine” and two different Curiosity scents “ vanilla and apple “ to guarantee a close encounter.

  • Buck Confrontation

    Buck Confrontation Scent comes from mature bucks  .Guaranteed to agitate all the Bucks in the area into a confrontational mood. Sure to bring YOU the Dominate Bucks looking for some trouble

  • Scorching Doe

    Scorching Doe - Doe in Estrus  Scent is what makes the the RUT the best time to bag a Trophy Buck. This Scent is going to make the big Bucks come out and do something foolish.